About us

Qurbani Aqiqah ( A part of Vhani group ltd  Registration Number- 11136408  )  is halal online meat shop supplying to customer  and 3rd party Qurbani order and Aqiqah order taken company . 

Halal animal Meat can be purchased direct from halal slaughterhouse. 

Qurbani Aqiqah Meats is dedicated to producing and delivering top quality Halal Cow, lamb, goats and sheep to the Muslim community from halal slaughterhouse. 

We buy full Animal meats from halal supplier or slaughterhouse who is use halal certificate as a well-stocked farm shop, Beredens Farm Meats, on site, the shop is open 7 days a week, selling a range of Halal cow, lamb, goats and sheep for Qurbani and Aqiqah. 

Meat is cut to your requirements like as Asian cut, Arabic cut, No cut. 

Our delivery or collection service available for customer.